James Larcus

James coordinates the Wellness Coaching Program which includes providing individual coaching sessions, facilitating group coaching sessions, as well as coordinates workshops and trainings for various campus constituents on topics including holistic wellness, strengths-based initiatives, goal setting, Motivational Interviewing, resilience, and leadership. Additionally, James takes pride in recruiting, training, and developing the peer-wellness coaches in the program alongside  assessing programmatic impact. James is a two-time alum of Ohio State, most recently completing his Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

Overall, James has a passion for creating mutually constructed learning environments that enhance each person's resiliency and capacity to be change agents of their own lives and of their communities. James hopes his work helps students thrive by creating meaningful and lasting visions for their future. In order to live a life of wellness, James enjoys playing sports, working out, listening to live music, following soccer and college football, walking meetings, cooking, and purposeful conversations with loved ones.