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Choices about Alcohol

This session is designed to help students make educated choices about drinking in college. Activities include:

  1. Examine the pros and cons of drinking
  2. Provide information about the physiological effects of different levels of drinking,
  3. Offer guidelines for lower-risk drinking
  4. Assist students in setting goals and generating strategies for minimizing the harmful consequences of drinking

The Buzz on Booze

Students test their alcohol knowledge in this adaptation of the Nickelodeon hit show, Double Dare. Presentation features physical challenges performed while wearing beer goggles.

Party Smart

This interactive group discussion educates participants about Ohio and Ohio State University alcohol laws and policies as well as what it means to be a "responsible drinker." Participants are introduced to various alcohol issues through real-life scenarios. The emphasis of this presentation is on education and dispelling common myths surrounding college students and alcohol. There must be a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 50 people for this presentation.  Learn more about the Party Smart Initiative.

Alcohol and Sex: Do They Mix? 

This interactive session will explore the relationship between alcohol and sex through a variety of activities. Learn about sexual consent - what it is, when you can get it and what happens when alcohol is in the mix. Alcohol and Sexual Violence resources will also be provided.

Nip it in the Butt 

In this adapted version of the show Jeopardy, students will learn the health, social and cost benefits of being a Tobacco Free Campus!

There's something about Mari(juana)

This interactive discussion will educate participants on the myths and facts of marijuana and what the law states. Additionally, this session will highlight the impact that marijuana may have on college students. 

Addiction and Recovery 101

This interactive session will cover the basics of what drug and alcohol addiction is and the power of recovery. Students will learn what resources are available to them on campus as well as how to help a friend that they are concerned about. 

Tabloids vs. Tough Truths: Real Stories of Addiction and Recovery

Social media sites and tabloid headlines love this story: another celebrity in rehab! Lindsay Lohan gets 90 days! Zac Efron's struggle with cocaine! Along the same lines, the overdose death stories - Cory Monteith, Amy Winehouse, Philip Seymour Hoffman - play out as the tragedies of doomed, excessive stars, while their everyday counterparts occur much more quietly all around us.

What do the sensationalized celebrity stories tell us and what do they miss about addiction and recovery? In the memoir Glass Castle, what are the far less glamorous stories about addiction and its consequences? A panel of faculty and students will talk about these issues and will share their own recovery stories.


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