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TOPP Participants

In an effort to help assist our students in managing their finances, we are piloting a program that allows for the removal of the $25 late fee that has been assessed when an individual falls behind on their TOPP payments. 

To have your late fee removed, you can schedule a financial coaching appointment through the Office of Student Life’s Scarlet and Gray Financial Program (SGF).  SGF is a nationally recognized peer financial coaching program housed in the Student Wellness Center in the RPAC.  The program assists thousands of OSU students each year in creating the life they desire through the use of a goal-driven financial process. 

To schedule your appointment, please follow the link HERE

Note: This opportunity is one time only; and will not be able to be used more than once for this purpose

What to expect in your appointment

  • You will be meeting with an extensively trained volunteer peer financial coach for your 1 hour session.  
  • Your coach will ask some questions to get to know you, and help you to develop goals and vision for your future.  
  • Next, they will help you to gain a greater understanding of where you stand today financially.  For this portion, it may be helpful to come prepared with information regarding any bank account or loan balances.
  • You will then have the opportunity to work together to create a spending plan to achieve your goals during your time at Ohio State.
  • Lastly, you will agree upon a list of next steps that you can each take in moving forward.

Please note the following

  • This opportunity is one time only; and will not be able to be used more than once for this purpose
  • You will have until the next TOPP payment deadline to complete the mandate, but space is limited and may fill up towards the end of the window.
  • Students on regional campuses should email to be provided with options.
  • Following the completion of the appointment, it may take 5-7 business days for the late fee to disappear as it will be done manually.
  • The forgiveness applies only to the late fee assessed through the TOPP program.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact for the quickest response.