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Schedule an Appointment

Follow these steps to schedule a nutrition coaching appointment. To learn more about nutrition coaching, go here.

1. Nutrition Questionnaire

Fill out the Nutrition Questionnaire before you schedule an appointment. This must be completed in order to be seen for your appointment.

2. Handouts

Complete the 3 Day Food Record and Five Food Groups handout found in the right side bar and bring both documents to your nutrition appointment. 

3. Schedule

The first session is 60 minutes and includes a nutrition assessment, education and goal setting. Follow-up appointments are also available in 30 minute sessions for those who have completed a first session. 

For students who have general health concerns (i.e. weight management, food allergies, event training, hypothyroidism):

  • Select this link if it's your first time using nutrition coaching: 1st session – general
  • Select this link and use the drop-down menu at the top of the page next to "show availabilities for" to schedule a follow-up session (if your coach is no longer listed, select Janele Bayless): Follow-up session - general

For students who have concerns about or were referred for disordered eating (i.e. eat <1200 calories per day, fast or skip meals, overexercise, laxative use):


  • If you have difficulty finding a day and time for your appointment, email the coordinator for nutrition coaching. 
  • With the high demand for nutrition appointments, schedule one appointment at a time.
  • If it's been more than one year since you completed the nutrition questionnaire and you haven't had an appointment, or if anything significant has changed (i.e. weight, health status), complete the online nutrition questionnaire again. 
  • If it's been more than 2 years since you had a nutrition appointment, please complete the online nutrition questionnaire again and schedule a 1st session appointment, especially if anything significant has changed (i.e. health condition, food allergy, weight changes, disordered eating).
  • The online system is intended for scheduling nutrition appointments only; email the coordinator if you would like to schedule a meeting. 

Skype Appointments

Skype appointments are available for students enrolled at Ohio State's smaller campuses (Marion, Mansfield, Newark, Lima, and Wooster) and while away from main campus for other circumstances (i.e. semester abroad, summer at home, internship out of state, etc.).  

If interested in a Skype appointment, please complete the online nutrition questionnaire, food record and five food groups handout, and email a Nutrition Coach to arrange an appointment.


Nutrition Education and Coaching