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From Recipe Rookie to Supermarket Savvy

Are you constantly grabbing fast food or stuck in a rut of having mac and cheese every day? Find out how you can plan easy, well-balanced meals that are delicious and nutritious to make. Discover tips and techniques for meal planning, grocery shopping, label reading, eating healthy on a budget, and more! This presentation is intended for students living off campus. 

Grocery Store Tour

Do you want to eat healthier but feel confused about what to put in your grocery cart? Take a tour with a nutrition coach and learn how to choose healthier options, read and compare food labels and ingredient lists, get your food and nutrition questions answered, and tips for meal planning and grocery shopping.

Takes place at Krogers located at 1350 N. High St. near south campus. Due to space, the tour is limited to 15 people.

Mindful Eating in the N.O.W. Moment

Have you ever eaten for reasons other than hunger, like stress, mood, comfort or enjoyment? This interactive presentation discusses what it means to be a mindful eater and how to develop a healthy, positive relationship with food. In this session you can expect to gain a better understanding of your personal habits and learn 7 principles for becoming a mindful eater.

Mindless Eating: Why we eat more than we think

Discover the variety of ways our food choices are influenced by factors like price, packaging, portions, convenience, mood and more! This interactive presentation will help you recognize how internal and external cues influence your food choices, equip you with ways to combat unnecessary food consumption, and how to indulge in your favorite foods, worry-free!

Right Bite on a College Campus

This interactive session provides students with ideas and resources for navigating campus dining options to create well-balanced meals, identify nutritious snacks, and address other topics like food preferences, portions, treats and more! This presentation is intended for students with dining plans. 


Motivated to Move

Are you looking to get fit or stay in shape? This interactive session covers guidelines for improving and maintaining cardiovascular fitness, resistance training and flexibility. Discover alternative activities you can do outside of a gym and ways to stay motivated to move. 

For more fitness presentations, check out Recreational Sports programs for Fitness in Motion.

Body Image

Body Image: Being Comfortable in Your 'Genes'

This discussion-based presentation addresses the many facets of body image, and how you can empower yourself and others towards positive body image.

The Body Project

The Body Project is a body-acceptance program designed to help students feel better about their bodies.  Students will define and describe the “thin-ideal” present in our society and media, and the potentially harmful impact of these ideals on body image. The program encourages students to challenge the “thin ideal” through discussion and various activities that has been shown to improve body image satisfaction.

This research-based program has been shown to improve body satisfaction and acceptance among college students, and reduce risks for unhealthy eating behaviors, disordered eating and eating disorders. The program has been implemented on over 100 college campuses across the country.

The program entails two 2-hours sessions, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart (4 hours total), led by peer faciliators in small groups of 6-10 students. In order to get the most out of the program, student groups are asked to register only if they are able to attend both 2-hour sessions.  The Body Project is targeted toward individuals who identify as women; however, men are welcome to participate as well.

Student Wellness Center Overview

This 30 minute session will provide an overview of all the services that the Student Wellness Center offers, and also ways that you can become involved in our efforts. This session is useful for student or staff groups who are looking to learn more about the Student Wellness Center.

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