Office of Student Life

Student Wellness Center

Sex and Relationships

Sexual wellness and healthy relationship programming at the Student Life Student Wellness Center is multi-faceted. Goals include:

  1. Assist students in making decisions consistent with the students’ beliefs and values
  2. Provide students with accurate information about sexual wellness
  3. Assist students in developing skills (e.g. asking for consent, assertiveness, decision making and condom/barrier negotiation), which will encourage healthy relationships
  4. Encourage sexually active students to utilize risk reduction measures in sexual relationships, including communication, abstinence, and/or the use of contraceptives, condoms and other barriers.

To reach these goals, the Student Life Student Wellness Center offers a variety of services around sexual wellness. Check out the tabs to the left to browse services such as the Condom Club, HIV/Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing, presentations and downloadable educational handouts.