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Holistic Wellness (60 minutes)

This session will provide an overview of wellness as a way of better understanding yourself, your goals and ways to experience greater balance in life. Participants will review each aspect of the 9 Dimensions of Wellness model that is endorsed by The Ohio State University, gain greater awareness of how this model applies to their personal wellness and be challenged to set wellness oriented goals that have personal value and relevance.

Wellness, Strengths and Goal Setting (90 minutes)

This presentation expands on the Holistic Wellness session listed above by encouraging participants to explore their personal strengths incorporate them in order to enhance their personal wellness. Students attending this session will interact with each other in structured conversations that promote utilization of strengths to achieve desired goals for wellness. Please allow for at least 1-2 weeks of lead time as participants will need to complete an online strengths inventory prior to participation in this workshop.


In this interactive session, students will explore conceptualizations of spirituality, how spirituality tends to develop by students in higher education settings and why spirituality is valued as a dimension of wellness. While religious traditions and practices are valued as expressions of spirituality, this session will offer approaches to spirituality that are not specific to particular denominations, while honoring the value that students may place upon their religious beliefs. Students will reflect and share throughout the presentation through small- and large-group discussions, and learn of resources and programs available to students to further explore this wellness dimension within Ohio State and the surrounding Columbus communities.

Stress Less

This interactive session will discuss how stress impacts our lives on a daily basis. Specific components of this session include overview of stress management and how it impacts holistic wellness, prioritization, time management and will conclude with stress/time management tips. 

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