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Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment with us!  In order to ensure the safety of both staff and students all BASICS and CASICS sessions will be held via Carmen Zoom.  

What to Expect:

All BASICS/CASICS sessions are one-on-one with a facilitator and the student. It takes two sessions, one week apart, to complete the BASICS/CASICS program.

  • Session I will take approximately 60 minutes. During this session, students meet their facilitator, are oriented to the program, answer interview questions and complete an online questionnaire.
  • Session II also takes approximately 60 minutes. Students receive a personalized feedback profile that is based on the information obtained from interviews and questionnaires completed during the first session. Students review the feedback profile with the facilitator and, if appropriate, identify potential changes that could work to help reduce their risk for developing future alcohol-or cannabis-related problems.

How much does it cost?

For students participating in BASICS/CASICS as the result of a sanction, there is a $100.00 fee to complete the program. Students that are self-referring or want to simply learn more about their relationship with alcohol and other drugs, can participate free of charge. We only accept Buck ID as payment.

How do I schedule?

Before scheduling a session please ensure that you are available on the same day and time on two consecutive weeks. You only need to schedule your first session. Your second session will be scheduled automatically for the following week on the same day and time.

Schedule a BASICS appointment here

Schedule a CASICS appointment here

Accommodation Requests

The Student Wellness Center is committed to providing services that are accessible to all graduate, professional and undergraduate students. When scheduling an appointment, you will have the option to note your accessibility needs to help us provide you with the most accommodating services possible. You may also communicate accessibility requests with Associate Director, Brendan Greisberger at

Participant Feedback

Here's what BASICS/CASICS participants have to say:

“Overall, it was just a great experience where the people genuinely wanted to help me learn about what I was actually doing to my body and what happens when I drink. They also didn’t scold me or try to tell me what to do but rather inform me well enough to understand the consequences myself.”

“This class was very informational on how to be safe with alcohol use as a college student. I was able to reflect on my behavior and see how it could possibly be harmful as well as understand different ways to improve it for my own safety. I set goals and feel confident in following them so I can be safe and enjoy my time as a college student.”

“Very informative, put things in perspective because it was tailored to me and my habits.”

“The coaches were very welcoming and non-judgmental.”

“It is a great program that educates instead of lectures.”


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