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Beyond Your Buzz Group

Beyond Your Buzz (BYOB) is a group for any students who have a desire to explore and make positive changes in their substance use. This weekly drop-in meeting will bring students together to engage in authentic and open conversation around their substance use and its impact on their daily life.

This is not a counseling group and is meant to be a space for any student who wants to explore their current use behaviors and is interested in gaining perspective, support and tools to make positive change in their life – no matter what their end goal is.

In addition to providing group support, students will have access to coaching staff for individualized support in identifying and applying strategies to help them achieve and sustain their personal goals around substance use. We encourage students who are interested in individual support to either stop by the weekly BYOB meeting or reach out to Mackenzie at


What: A drop-in group offered weekly to bring students together to engage in open conversation around their substance use and its impact on their daily life

Who: Any students who have a desire to explore and make positive changes in their substance use

When: Thursdays from 5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. The first meeting for the Fall 2021 semester will be on September 9, and every Thursday following. 

Where: Students can join the meeting in person at 099 Baker Hall at 113 W 12th Avenue or via Zoom. Students who join in person are required to wear a mask within the building. Students can join the open meeting via Zoom by clicking here to directly access the meeting. 


Coaches are not licensed counselors. BYOB is not treatment and is not meant to take the place of counseling services, but instead is an added support to your personal growth. If you are seeking treatment or counseling, we are glad to provide informative resources. Assessment is done for educational purposes only. If a student requires a definite diagnosis or treatment for clinical issues, we refer them to Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service at 614-292-5766.