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10 Ways to Host a Smart Party

Have a guest list: Don’t host open invitation parties. You want to make sure you know everyone in and around your home. The more people you don't know at your party, the greater potential for unexpected outcomes. 

Provide Alternatives and Food: Help your guests have a great night by providing water, alternatives to alcohol and food that will help them control their buzz and feel better the next day. 

Help Your Guests Make a Plan to Get Home: Remind guests about safe transportation like Lyft Ride Smart, other rideshare programs and buses. 

At the End of The Night, You’re Ultimately Responsible: Remember you’re responsible for your guests. If they aren’t respecting you, your property and the community, it may be time for them to go. 

Alcohol and Heights Don’t Mix: Don’t overcrowd balconies or someone could fall off or the balcony collapse. And, keep guests off the roof! 

Be a Good Neighbor: Prior to your party, make sure to notify neighbors and consider exchanging phone numbers if it feels safe, so they can reach you if anything comes up. 

Don’t Let the Party Become a Nuisance: Keep guests and music at a reasonable volume. 

Be Mindful of Where the Party Goes: Make sure the party stays in your yard and not on the sidewalk, in alleyways or on your neighbors' property. Consider what barriers can be used to ensure guests remain safe. 

Your Party Your Mess: Respect your neighbors, your landlord and the community by cleaning up after the party. 

Put Your Things Up: Secure all your valuables before guests arrive. If possible, lock all private bedrooms, and ask guests to remain in spaces you’re comfortable sharing with them.