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Blood Alcohol Content

.02% to .03%

Light-headed - Mildly relaxed, mood may be mildly intensified.

.05% to .07%

Buzzed - Feel warm and relaxed, good moods are better and bad moods are worse, euphoria, may talk louder/act bolder than usual. This is the peak buzzed state for most people. Any drink beyond this point is spending more money and ingesting more calories to diminish your buzz.

.08% to .10%

Legally Impaired - May slur speech, balance/motor skills become impaired, sight/hearing ability clearly diminished, judgment/self-control impaired, may make poor/risky sexual choices.

.11% to .15%

Drunk - "High", balance very impaired, judgment, memory and motor skills impaired, may forget how many drinks you have had past this point, men may have trouble functioning sexually.

.16% to .19%

Very Drunk - Euphoria may give way to unpleasant feelings (depression), difficulty talking/walking/standing, sharp increase in chances of physically injuring yourself or others, may experience a blackout at this level or higher, nausea, dizzy, blurred vision.


Confusion and Disorientation - May need help to stand or walk, if you hurt yourself, you probably won't realize it because the alcohol has numbed your pain and your judgment is so impaired you might not do anything about it, nausea and vomiting common, getting very dangerous because gag reflex is impaired, so you could choke if you do throw up (especially if you pass out). Blackouts may occur at this BAC.


Stupor - Likely to pass out involuntarily (as opposed to lower BAC's where you may decide to stop drinking and go to sleep), if passed out, may be difficult for others to wake you, possible to die from alcohol poisoning or choking on vomit at this level and higher. Anytime someone passes out from consuming too much alcohol there is a risk of coma and death. Please help your friends if you see that they have passed out.


Equivalent to general anesthesia. Breathing may stop.


Coma likely. Breathing and heartbeat slowed to dangerous levels due to slowdown in nerve activity.

Did you know?

The average man's BAC will go up .02% for each standard drink he consumes while the average woman's BAC will go up .035% for each standard drink she consumes?