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Everybody's Doing It

Despite what people may think, many Ohio State students are choosing to Party Smart. 

Did you know: Nearly two out of three Ohio State students choose not to binge drink (consume five or more drinks in a sitting). Actually, the majority of Ohio State students (80%) had between zero and five drinks the last time they partied. 

Did you know: 87.8% of Ohio State students always use a designated driver or choose not to drive at all after consuming any amount of alcohol. 

Did you know: Alcohol and drugs (illicit, prescription and over the counter) can mix in unpredictable ways. If you are taking medication, be sure to pay attention to the warnings on the labels to determine if it’s safe to drink while taking. 

Did you know: It is always each person’s responsibility to gain consent before moving forward with a sexual act, and being intoxicated or drunk is never an excuse to not get consent. If a person feels they have been violated or assaulted while intoxicated, it is important to believe them and take those feelings seriously. Sexual Assault Response Network of Ohio (SARNCO) is a confidential resource to support victims/survivors of sexual assault. You can also learn more about Ohio State policies on misconduct here.