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Ohio State students overestimate dangerous drinking habits among other students. In reality, Ohio State students party smart.

Myth: Many Ohio State students drink excessively... it is just a part of being in college.

Fact: Nearly 2 out of 3 of Ohio State students choose NOT to binge drink (consume 5 or more drinks in a sitting.) Actually, the majority of Ohio State students (85%) have between 0-6 drinks when they party.

Myth: "I've only had five beers. I'm cool to drive. Just call me the DDD, designated drunk driver."

Fact: Having five beers in one hour will put a 160 pound male at a .10 BAC which is OVER the legal driving limit. 92% of Ohio State students always use a designated driver or choose not to drink at all after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Myth: If two people are drunk and engage in sexual activity, no rape/sexual assault can occur.

Fact: It is always each person’s responsibility to gain consent before moving forward with a sexual act, and being intoxicated/drunk is never an excuse to not get consent. If a person feels they have been violated/assaulted while intoxicated it is important to believe them and take those feelings seriously.

Good Info

It doesn't take a PhD to remember these quick facts:

Drink Water. Drink water along with and in between alcoholic drinks and down a couple more glasses of water before you go to bed. It rehydrates your body and reduces the risk of a hangover so you're not miserable during the game, class or work.

Fact: Ohio State students alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night and you can always drink a glass of water before or after you socialize.

Source: Spring 2018 American College Health Association
National College Health Assessment