Office of Student Life

Student Wellness Center

Important Numbers

Here are some numbers that may be helpful in case a problem or risky situation arises.

Remember to ALWAYS call 911 in an EMERGENCY!

Resource Phone Website
Columbus Police non-emergency 614-645-4545
OSU Police non-emergency 614-292-2121  
Ohio Dept of Public Safety Liquor Enforcement Hotline 1-877-4MINORS  
Central Ohio Poison Center 1-800-222-1222  
Ohio State Safe Ride  614-247-6300  
AAA Express Taxi Service 614-262-3333  
ACME Taxi 614-777-7777  
Yellow Cab 614-444-4444  
The Student Wellness Center 614-292-4527
Student Health Center 614-292-4321
Student Advocacy 614-292-1111
Off Campus and Commuter Student Engagement 614-292-0100
OSU Public Safety  614-247-6300

Relationship Education and Violence Support  614-292-4527

Student Legal Services   614-247-5853 

Important information for Alcohol Education and Assistance:

Resource Phone Website
Personalized and confidential health information
ScreenU is an alcohol risk assessment based on evidence-based strategies called SBIRT Technology (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment).