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For You

Hosting Tips:

  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Have stuff around that is not alcoholic. Pick up some water, Powerade, Coke and juice.
  • Pretzels and Chips: Everybody likes pretzels and chips when they drink and they're super cheap. Grab a couple bags. Not to mention, a full stomach slows the pace at which alcohol is absorbed so you don't get hit with that "suddenly sick" feeling.
  • Toilet Paper: Ask most party-goers-the host never has enough toilet paper. Always keep a ton of toilet paper around.
  • Cleaning Supplies: No one wants to stick to their own floor when they're walking around the day after a party. Pick up some Fantastik for stains, some general cleaning supplies like a broom, a bucket, a mop, extra trash bags and air fresheners.

You Are What You Eat

It's important to remember that alcohol is a food, just like everything else we consume. Know what you are putting into your body.

Fact: When they party, Ohio State students that drink make sure to eat before/and or during drinking. Hello, delivery pizza!

Alcohol and Calories

Although calorie information for drinks and brands varies, this information is based on averages for one drink.

Type Calories
12 oz. beer, regular 140
12 oz. beer, light 100
1.5 oz. hard liquor 80
5 oz. wine 130
12 oz. wine cooler 200
4 oz. liquor 130

For Your Guests and Friends

Respect your neighbors and landlord:

There are at least two reasons why you do not want to be the inconsiderate neighbor. First, people like to get that guy in trouble. Second, if you're not home and your neighbor sees someone hit your car or walk out of your house with your TV, they are more likely to help you if they know you and like you.

Clean up what you mess up:

Simple-Clean up what you mess up.

Have at least one person there who is not drinking:

If you and your friends make the choice to consume alcohol, it only makes sense to have someone there with their wits about them. Let this person be the one who drives you to Taco Bell at 2 a.m., or calls the police if something happens and makes sure that no one is getting dangerously drunk.

Hitch a Ride:

Post a sign by the door that lists the phone numbers to get a taxi. Don't forget to include info on the The Ohio State Safe Ride Service. 

Special note to women:

The reality is that women end up with higher amounts of alcohol in their blood, causing higher rates of impairment than guys after drinking the same amount of alcohol. Have a plan to keep yourself sober and/or safe.

Making new friends?

The more people you don't know at your party, the greater potential for bad things to happen. Fights, theft and people getting hurt or in trouble happen more often when you don't know who's at your party. Keeping the size of your party small and putting up fences cuts down on the number of randoms who will come into your party and steal your belongings.

Fact: Ohio State students stick together by staying with the same group of friends the entire time they are drinking.