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Recovery House at Penn Place

What is the Recovery House at Penn Place?

The Recovery House at Penn Place provides a mainstream college living experience where students in recovery from addiction can live and learn together. Located near campus, the house provides a community of peers to support one another in their journey through college and recovery.


  • Official university residence hall
  • 28-bed house currently set up as 14 singles
  • Private bathroom for each bedroom
  • Laundry room, kitchen and community space available on site
  • Located in South campus near the Medical Center
  • Within walking distance to the CRC
  • Available to undergrad, graduate and professional students


  • Be admitted to Ohio State and the CRC
  • Preferred minimum of six months of continuous recovery from all drugs and alcohol prior to moving into the house
  • Complete the application process detailed below
  • Complete a separate application with University Housing and sign a housing contract

Application Process

  • Students interested in living at Penn Place must apply to the CRC.
  • Students must submit two letters of recommendation (LOR) from people who have been integral to their recovery or have witnessed their recovery journey closely. Family or significant others should not submit LORs.
  • Applications are reviewed by the CRC staff. Students are then contacted for an interview, either face to face or over the phone.
  • Once a decision is made, the student will be contacted with the decision.

To get the information from University Housing, please contact

Interested in living at Penn Place?

Dates are forthcoming.  For more information about Penn Place or the CRC, please contact