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University Late Fee Waiver Program

Students that have incurred the $200 University Late Fee are eligible to take place in a one-time fee waiver program.  Please note that late fees can only be waived in the semester in which they were assessed and the deadline to complete the program for autumn semester is December 1st, 2023

To qualify, you must:

  1. Have your student account paid in full and not have previously participated in a late fee waiver program.
  2. Attend a zoom webinar or complete a 1-hour appointment with the Office of Student Life's Scarlet and Gray Financial Program.  If you elect to participate in meeting with a financial coach, please come prepared with a specific question or concern to discuss.  Webinars will be offered on zoom on several topics including budgeting, credit, debt repayment, and investing
  3. Complete an additional 1-hour zoom appointment at Buckeye Link to review your My Buckeye Link account, learn how tuition charges are assessed, explore payment options and how to read your Statement of Account.

Please use one of the links below to register for part 1:

 Register for a Webinar

 Meet with a Financial Coach 

please utilize this option if you have a specific issue you'd like to discuss with a financial coach


Accommodation Requests 

The Student Wellness Center is committed to providing services that are accessible to all graduate, professional and undergraduate students. When scheduling an appointment, you will have the option to note your accessibility needs to help us provide you with the most accommodating services possible. You may also communicate accessibility requests with Associate Director, Brendan Greisberger at  

Education Service Only; No Advice is Provided. 

Scarlet and Gray Financial Coaching is an educational service only. We do not provide investment, legal or tax advice. The information provided is for general educational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for the advice of your investment, legal and/or tax advisors or to be the basis of specific trading or investment activities. If you need investment, legal and/or tax advice, please consult with one of these professionals. 

The links to third-party financial resources are provided as a convenience for informational purposes only. Neither The Ohio State University or its Student Life Student Wellness Center endorses or approves any of the products, services or opinions of the entities or individuals associated with these links. The Ohio State University and Student Life Student Wellness Center bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of any external site associated with the links provided or any subsequent links.