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STEP Financial Instructions

 When do I complete the Financial Wellness Component?

Every STEP cohort will have an assigned window of time during which you will complete both the online courses and a 90 minute group coaching session.  Your cohort’s window is outlined below:

Financial Wellness Window Opens: October 3rd, 2022


Deadline to Schedule a Group Coaching Session: October 7th, 2022

  • NOTE: This only reflects the date in which you need to have scheduled a group coaching session. The deadline to attend a group coaching session is the date your financial wellness window closes (see below).


Financial Wellness Window Closes: October 21, 2022


How do I complete the Financial Wellness Component?

In order to successfully accomplish the financial wellness component of STEP, there are four tasks you must complete during your assigned window:

Task 1: Schedule a Group Financial Coaching Session

Click here to schedule

Task 2: Complete a Financial Wellness Check-Up through iGrad (

NOTE: Please select Log in with OSU WebLogin when registering your account

Task 3: Complete any two short online financial wellness courses, of your choosing, through iGrad.
There are a variety of course options available to you. Please complete at least two courses that are of most interest to you and that meet your financial wellness needs.

Task 4: Participate in the group session scheduled in task 1. In this session, you will work with a peer financial coach and 14 other students to learn about budgeting, credit scores, credit cards, and setting financial goals. This interactive session will last 90 minutes. You will also submit a reflection form with a budget and financial goals developed in the session.  Please see above for the budgeting spreadsheet and sample credit profiles you will use during the program. 

NOTE: Scarlet and Gray Financial will be tracking the completion of both the online courses and the coaching session on your STEP Dashboard


Scarlet and Gray Financial looks forward to working with you to enhance your financial wellness and help you succeed financially at Ohio State!  Should you have any questions, please email Scarlet and Gray Financial at