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2019 NASPA Student Financial Wellness Conference

The 2019 NASPA Student Financial Wellness Conference will take place from June 16-18 in Orlando, Florida.  Please feel to distribute this information to whomever you believe would have an interest. 

The conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Understanding the various components that make up financial wellness
  • Demonstrating approaches for addressing students’ complex financial issues such as food insecurity, homelessness, economic crisis, and financial management
  • Articulating methods for integrating financial support across functional units, including student affairs and financial aid
  • Identifying solutions for increasing students’ awareness and use of financial wellness programming
  • Describing strategies for assessing the influence of financial wellness education on students’ persistence, degree completion and lifelong financial wellness

This impactful conference in Orlando, hosted by NASPA and The Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life, will convene scholars and practitioners to discuss the complexities of college students’ financial wellness.  Participants will learn effective, holistic strategies for helping students improve their fiscal health during college and remain financially stable after graduation. 

This year, the 2019 NASPA Student Financial Wellness Conference will be co-located with three other events to comprise the inaugural 2019 NASPA Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education.  As a registered participant for this conference, you will receive access to attend sessions across all conference offerings