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What Were You Wearing?

"Well, what were you wearing?" - an age old question intended to discredit and blame survivors for their assaults. This question is a pervasive rape myth and contributes heavily to rape culture. It implies survivors are responsible for causing - and preventing - their assaults. 

Sexual violence is never the fault of the survivor. The What Were You Wearing Survivor Art Installation challenges the idea that clothing matters. 

What Were You Wearing is an art installation displaying what survivors were wearing at the time of the incident and a description of the outfit - written by the survivor. The installation was created by Jen Brockman and Mary Wyandt-Hiebert and inspired by Mary Simmerling's poem, What I Was Wearing. The first installation was hosted by the University of Arkansas in 2014. 

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We are grateful to Ohio University Women's Center for allowing us to use their virtual exhibit.