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Student Civility Program 

The Student Civility Program consists of three interactive sessions (up to 90 minutes each):

Session 1: Introduction: Goals and Values Identification

Session 2: Skill Building: Topics may include:

  • Social Skills and Civil Engagement
  • Gender Roles and Stereotypes
  • Sexual Health Education
  • Healthy Relationship Skills
  • Empathy and Behavior Management
  • Violence Prevention

Session 3: Reflection: Support and Resources Identification

Dates and Time:

One-on-one appointments take place in the autumn and spring semesters in a virtual format using CarmenZoom. For students who are attending sessions to fulfill the terms of a Student Conduct sanction, contact the SCP coordinator by email at to schedule in-person appointments in a timely fashion to meet the given deadline. Required entry documentation can be found in the PDF file located on this page. 


The Student Civility Program is not treatment and does not include counseling services. The workshop provides an educational curriculum that helps students understand the major themes of personal responsibility, community safety and civility.

Accommodation Requests

The Student Wellness Center is committed to providing services that are accessible and available to all our graduate, professional and undergraduate students. We are actively working and collaborating with our Digital Accessibility Center to increase the ease of access and usability of our services.  Please communicate accessibility and accommodation requests to Associate Director, Brendan Greisberger at