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Workshop Sessions

The SCP workshop series is offered through seven interactive sessions:

  • Session 1: Workshop Introduction: Goals and Values Identification
  • Session 2: Social Skills and Civil Engagement
  • Session 3: Gender Roles and Stereotypes
  • Session 4: Sexual Health Education
  • Session 5: Healthy Relationship Skills
  • Session 6: Empathy and Behavior Management
  • Session 7: Violence Prevention

Dates and Time:

SCP workshop sessions are offered in a small group format on a weekly basis from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in 128D Lincoln Tower (basement location).  Dates for the spring semester are listed in the PDF files located on this page.  When you are ready to do so, please visit  Instant-Scheduling to schedule an appointment. 

For students who are attending workshop sessions to fulfill the terms of a Student Conduct sanction, please allow for adequate time to schedule and complete the sessions.  With current scheduling, it takes three and a half weeks to complete all seven sessions (if required).  Additionally, please contact the SCP coordinator directly to receive and complete the necessary entry and exit documentation in a timely fashion. 

Required entry documentation can be found in the PDF files located on this page: (1) Invitation to Participate; (2) Personal Commitment Contract. 


Call 614-292-4527 or email 


The Student Civility Program is not treatment and does not include counseling services.  The workshop provides a prevention-based, educational curriculum that helps students understand the major themes of personal responsibility, community safety, and civility.