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What is the Wellness Assessment? 

The Wellness Assessment supports the mission of Student Life, which aims to promote wellness among Ohio State students and their communities.

This in-depth survey is designed to measure the Ten Dimensions of Wellness in order to give students a better understanding of their own wellness and to provide them with resources that they can utilize at Ohio State to improve their wellness. Student wellness is an essential component of academic success in higher education and subsequent opportunities in the labor market.

The Student Life Student Wellness Center uses a model that includes ten key dimensions of wellness: career, creative, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. By taking the assessment students are prioritizing their well-being and developing an understanding of each of the multifaceted dimensions. 

How was the assessment developed?

In collaboration with the Center for the Study of Student Life (CSSL), the Wellness Assessment was informed by faculty, staff and students on Ohio State’s campus. Faculty and staff developed the assessment measures by working in committees divided by the dimensions of wellness. Qualitative data was collected from students who took the pilot assessment and participated in cognitive interviews. The Student Wellness Center reviews and updates the Wellness Assessment on an annual basis with the support of CSSL.  

How can I take the assessment? 

The Wellness Assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Interested students can visit to complete the survey. 

The Wellness Assessment is available year-round to all Ohio State students. Having the assessment available year-round allows students to check in on their wellness and gain a connection to resources at any time.

While the assessment is open year-round, data collection happens annually during the month of October. During October, the assessment is incentivized and strategically promoted to gather responses that represent the Ohio State student body. The Center for the Study of Student Life generates data reports that bring awareness to the well-being of Ohio State students and inform programmatic initiatives of the Student Wellness Center. 

Students, faculty and staff can view past Wellness Assessment reports on CSSL's website, which date back to 2016, to gain a better understanding of the state of well-being of the student community here are Ohio State. 

Faculty and Staff Involvement 

To help our data collection efforts during the month of October, the Student Wellness Center has a number of printed and virtual marketing materials available by request for departments to distribute to their student population. Departments interested in obtaining these materials can email the Student Wellness Center; while virtual materials are available for all, printed materials are distributed on a first come first serve basis. 

In addition to helping with promotion during the month of October, there are many opportunities for faculty and staff to utilize the Wellness Assessment in their interactions with students, both inside and outside the classroom. For general support, collaboration opportunities, consultations and any questions about the assessment please reach out to the Student Wellness Center


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