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Nutrition Education

Nutrition coaching offers a resource folder with a variety of educational handouts, recorded presentations, cooking videos and newsletters (OSU email required). 

What are the US Dietary Guidelines?

The Dietary Guidelines translates the current science on diet and health into guidance to help people choose foods and beverages that comprise a healthy and enjoyable dietary pattern to achieve health-promoting behaviors, reduce risk of diet-related chronic diseases, and meet nutrient needs.

Key Recommendations

  1. Follow a healthy dietary pattern at every stage of life.
  2. Customize and enjoy nutrient-dense foods and beverage choices to reflect personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budgetary considerations.
  3. Focus on meeting food group needs with nutrient-dense foods and beverages.
  4. Limit foods and beverages higher in added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium, and limit alcoholic beverages.

The core elements that make up a healthy dietary pattern include:

  • Grains, at least half of which are whole grain
  • Fruits, especially whole fruit
  • Vegetables of all types—dark green; red and orange; beans, peas, and lentils; starchy; and other vegetables
  • Dairy, including fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese, and/or lactose-free versions and fortified soy beverages and yogurt as alternatives
  • Protein foods, including lean meats, poultry, and eggs; seafood; beans, peas, and lentils; and nuts, seeds, and soy products
  • Oils, including vegetable oils and oils in food, such as seafood and nuts

 For help with establishing a healthy dietary pattern, schedule a nutrition coaching appointment