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Community Wellness Education FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions  

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our Community Wellness Education curriculum. If after reading the FAQ you do not see an answer to your question, please submit a help ticket within the course or contact us at  

Who takes the Community Wellness Education curriculum?  

First-year students and transfer undergraduate students at Ohio State will take this curriculum. 

How long will this take to complete? 

The Community Wellness training curriculum contains 3 training titles:   

  • AlcoholEdu Part I takes approximately 90 minutes 

  • Prescription Drug Safety takes approximately 30 min 

  • Mental Well-Being takes approximately 45min 

AlcoholEdu Part II, is a voluntary survey that will become available to you 45 days after completing Part I. It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.  

I don’t see the Community Wellness Education curriculum on my BuckeyeLearn transcript. 

Community Wellness Education must be assigned to your BuckeyeLearn transcripts by clicking on the To Do List item on your BuckeyeLink account. You can also access the assignment by clicking this link. If you are having trouble with adding the curriculum, please contact  

Will I get in trouble for my answers in any of these trainings? 

Ohio State will only receive your final exam score and the status of your course completion, not your individual answers. All other data received by the university is aggregate, de-identified data.  

I’m already 21 – do I have to take these courses?  

Even though the legal age to consume alcohol is 21, this program will benefit any person who is 21 or older as to how to make the best decisions regarding alcohol consumption. 

Are my answers to the questions private?   

Students’ individual answers to questions in the training will not be shared with Ohio State. The university will receive information about the student body’s responses as a whole. This information will be used to better understand students’ knowledge of resources and inform future programming and policies. 

Do these trainings include accessibility features?   

The training includes certain accessibility features, including full transcripts and closed captioning for audio and video. The training is currently offered only in English. To request an accessible version, please contact  

Do I need to take the entire course at once?   

You may take the course in multiple sittings. The courses will save your progress with each “Next” button that you push within the course.  

I took Part 1 of AlcoholEDU but cannot find Part 2 – where is it? 

Part 2 will become available approximately 45 days after you complete Part 1. You cannot view Part 2 before that time, and you will receive an email when Part 2 becomes available to you.  

I’m a transfer student and I already completed these courses at my previous school. Do I need to complete them again?   

You must complete the course again using your Ohio State credentials. The courses have Ohio State specific policy information and campus resources that you need to know. 

My religious beliefs forbid alcohol and substance use. Why do I have to take the course?  

The course includes information on ways to help your peers who may be drinking, even if you do not drink alcohol. 

Can students get a waiver for the training? 

If you have concerns about completing the training due to its content, please email 

While doing the survey, I skipped through to see how many questions there were, but now it is not letting me go back to the first page to complete the survey. What can I do to complete the questions and move onto the next step? 

Please submit a ticket with to reset your survey.