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Resources to support individuals who are interested in making healthy changes to their substance use are available for all Ohio State students. We are also excited to support students who recognize the role they play in creating a safe and healthy campus by carrying naloxone and being prepared to potentially save a life. This video helps students, staff and faculty around campus to:

  1. Recognize the signs of an overdose
  2. Act when they see someone who has potentially overdosed
  3. Contact first responders so that person's life can be saved

Below are links to additional resources available to all students. The links are seperated by campus and are specific to each campus community. If you have any questions on the resources or are interested in learning how to get involved with the naloxone initiatives on campus, please email Ahmed Hosni.

Columbus Campus

Lima Campus

Mansfield Campus

Marion Campus

Newark Campus

ATI Campus

Statewide Resources

Special thanks to our partners across the Office of Student Life, as well as the College of Public Health: Center for Public Health Practice, the Buckeyes for Harm Reduction student organization and the Wexner Medical Center.

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