Office of Student Life

Digital Wellness

A digitally well person considers the impact of virtual presence and use of technology on their overall well-being by taking steps to create sustainable habits that support their values, goals, community and safety.

Taking an Active Role in Your Digital Wellness

Set healthy boundaries and limits around your use of technology and screentime. Develop digital literacy by evaluating a source’s reliability and integrity of the information you are seeking out online. Practice digital privacy and safety. Be intentional and authentic in your online presence. Engage and interact with others online respectfully. Establish awareness of your digital footprint. 

Promoting Digital Wellness In and Outside the Classoom

Technology is a necessary part of our daily lives, with many of us working, learning and socializing in the digital space. As faculty and staff, we can support students’ digital wellness by encouraging smart and safe habits with technology usage, modeling boundaries, educating around information literacy and how to cite credible sources, and encouraging meaningful use of technology, digital tools and resources. 

Examples of Digital Wellness Activities and Promotion inside the classroom:

  • Incorporating intentional and mindful use of technology practices into your classroom 
  • Allowing students to submit assignments online using Carmen/Canvas rather than printing out and turning in hard copies 
  • Creatively incorporating technology into assignments and lectures to engage students and encourage participation (ex: poll everywhere, Kahoot, Jamboard, Padlet etc.) 
  • Giving students permission to take a break or turn cameras off if you are meeting over Zoom 
  • Building in technology breaks / technology-free time 
  • Incorporating discussions of digital literacy and how to search for and identify credible sources/information 

Examples of Digital Wellness Activities and Promotion outside the classroom:

  • Encouraging students to set healthy boundaries around technology and forms of digital communication such as email, assignment submissions, screen time, and notifications, as well as modeling healthy behaviors 
  • Host tech-free meetings and gatherings 

Digital Wellness Resources