Office of Student Life

Nutrition Webinars

Nutrition webinars are available on various topics and will be recorded and posted for those who are unable to attend. Visit the Nutrition Resources folder (OSU email required) for previously recorded presentations, along with our Presentations and Trainings page for a variety of Student Wellness Center topics. Email with any questions or recommendations for future presentation topics.


Nutrition Resources Folder

Recordings of past presentations can be accessed in the Nutrition Resources folder (OSU email required) and includes:

  • Altering the Algorithm: Social Media's Influence on Body Image
  • Beyond the Surface: Exploring Wellness Beyond Weight
  • Creating Size Acceptance in a World of Weight Stigma
  • Don't Take From My Plate: How Intuitive Eating Principles Parallel Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Fad Diets: Fact, Fiction or Fake?
  • From Stress to Success: Strategies for Academic Wellbeing
  • Fueling Your Fleet Feet
  • Focus on Food: Nutrition and ADHD
  • Healthy Eating on a College Budget
  • How to Raise an Intuitive Eating
  • Intuitive Eating: 10 Principles for Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food
  • Intuitive Eating During the Holidays
  • Mindful Masculinity: Intuitive Living and Eating for Men
  • Not Just a FAD: Food and Alcohol Disturbance in Party Culture
  • Picky Eating: From Problem to Peaceful
  • Plant-Based Diets: What's at 'Steak'?
  • The Chew: From Meal Planning to Food Prep
  • The Weight of Stigma in Diet Culture
  • U Can't Touch This: Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Intolerances
  • Weight Loss Drugs: The Bigger Picture