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Recovery Month at Ohio State

National Recovery Month

The Ohio State University is proud to be taking part in National Recovery Month. Recovery Month is a month-long celebration of the transformative power that recovery can have on the lives of people, families, and communities. It is an opportunity to remember that when those who struggle are properly supported, they do recover! Now in its 32nd year, National Recovery Month is held every September to highlight the achievements of individuals who have reclaimed their lives in long-term recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders and promote the message that recovery in all of its forms is possible.

There are millions of Americans whose lives have been transformed through recovery. Right here on our campus, the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) is a fellowship of Buckeyes in recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions whose lives continue to be transformed through recovery and education. We remain committed to ensuring these successes don't go unnoticed by the broader population, and Recovery Month provides a vehicle for everyone to celebrate these accomplishments.

Recovery Month is open to all students, staff, and faculty. Regardless of your knowledge base or experience, we encourage you to attend at least one event to learn how you can celebrate those in or seeking recovery, learn to be an ally and discover the impact of recovery.

Programs, workshops, events and resources will be offered to: 

  1. Celebrate the accomplishments of those in and seeking recovery
  2. Educate communities and individuals on how to be recovery allies
  3. Empower all to be mindful of their alcohol and substance use
  4. Educate communities and individuals on the community impact of recovery
  5. Raise awareness of the resources and work being done on Ohio State's campus

Sessions may be related to identity, substance misuse prevention, allyship, resources or support.


When is Recovery Month?

National Recovery Month is September 1 - 30, 2022. 


How can you get involved? 

Thank you for your interest in participating in Recovery Month! Any individuals, organizations, or departments interested in participating in Recovery Month 2021 can email Cate Heaney Gary, The program submission form for Recovery Month 2022 will be available in March 2022.  


Questions? Email Cate Heaney Gary,