Office of Student Life

The Red Zone

What is The Red Zone? 

The "Red Zone" refers to the period (between the first day of class and Thanksgiving Break) when college campuses experience the most violence. A Red Zone program will aim to educate Ohio State students about the relevance of the Red Zone and how to make informed decisions and increase community safety, as well as equip students with support resources on campus.

Programs, workshops, events and resources will be offered to: 

  1. Create a a culture of care for The Ohio State University community.
  2. Inform OSU students about the potential risks during the Red Zone time-period as it pertains to college campuses.
  3. Increase knowledge of support resources and the five types of sexual misconduct in the OSU policy (dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation).


How can you get involved? 

Any individuals, organizations, or departments interested in participating in The Red Zone can email Erica Butler 

Questions? Contact The Student Wellness Center