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Nutrition Coaching

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is free to all currently enrolled Ohio State students who want to enhance their health and wellbeing, and is intended to help students identify any imbalance in their food intake and explore ways to optimize their nutrition needs.

The first session is 45 minutes and includes a nutrition assessment, education and goal setting. Follow-up appointments are also available in 45-minute sessions for those who have completed a first session. 

Popular topics include:

  • Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Treats and dining out
  • Mindful / intuitive eating
  • Body image and disordered eating
  • Food allergies and sensitivities 
  • Dietary preferences (e.g., plant-based)
  • Health conditions (e.g., Hypothyroidism, PCOS, GERD)
  • Sports nutrition or event training

Schedule a Nutrition Appointment

Follow the steps on this page to schedule a nutrition appointment

Participant Feedback

Here's what Nutrition Coaching participants have to say:

“Very friendly and knowledgeable with good advice and recommendations.”

“I really felt comfortable and like it was a safe environment. I learned a lot and am going to implement it into my lifestyle.”

“This meeting was insightful in giving my information to re-enforce my change in diet is healthy. It helped me observe healthy choices and finding more creative ways to eat more types of food.”

“The coach was relatable, nonjudgmental and funny. It was a comfortable meeting with great advice!”

“I felt like it was the best thing I could’ve done to understand how to change my diet in order to live a better lifestyle.”