Office of Student Life

Student Wellness Center




Explore the new Be Well Blog for a variety of wellness topics through written post, videos and pictures. 



Explore a variety of nutrition presentations, including asynchronous presentations you can request on topics like weight stigma, intuitive eating, and plant-based diets.

Student Life Dining Services

Student Life Dining Services offers a variety of food at multiple dining locations. Explore the menus, nutrition and allergy information through Net Nutrition.

MyPlate Plan

Use the MyPlate Plan to explore your nutrition needs.  

Grocery Store Videos

Explore videos from different sections of the grocery store to learn tips and tricks for making healthier choices when shopping!

Healthy Meetings

Trying to make your meetings healthier? Check out the Ohio State Healthy Meeting Guide for tips on creating an environment that encourages healthy eating and physical activity. University Catering offers several healthy food options, as well. You can view our suggested menu in the documents on the right sidebar.

Physical Activity

Student Life Recreational Sports

Student Life Recreational Sports offers a variety of opportunities for physical activity.

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service

  • Individual counseling is available for all currently enrolled Ohio State students.
  • A Journeys to Eating Disorder Recovery group is available for students looking for a safe, supportive environment while in the process of recovery from body image and disodered eating concerns. 
  • Self-help resources are available for students with body image and disordered eating concerns.
  • Explore the Emotional Fitness blog for tips and skills to improve mental health.

Eating Concerns Consultation Team

The Eating Concerns Consultation Team is a multidisciplinary group consisting of mental health professionals, physicians, and nutritionists who collaborate to provide appropriate assessment, intervention and support to students on Ohio State's campus who are struggling with eating disorder concerns.  

National Eating Disorders Association

The National Eating Disorders Association website connects individuals struggling with disordered eating to important resources, such as helplines, treatment referrals and support groups. There are also resources for family and friends, including tips for talking about eating disorders and ways to prevent eating disorders. Visit NEDA's website to learn about eating disorders, warning signs and symptoms, statstics and more. 

Online Eating Disorder Screenings

Project HEAL

Project HEAL helps to fund college students with eating disorders who want to recover but can't afford treatment. 

Student Life Disability Services 

Student Life Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities, including medical and mental health conditions. To find out more about the services available, visit their Accommodations and Services page. To learn how to register with Student Life Disability Services, visit their Registration Process page or contact 614-292-3307 /