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Please fill out the form below to request a presentation. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all Student Wellness Center presentations will be delivered virtually, synchronously or asynchronously, via CarmenZoom - we are not taking in person request at this time.Synchronous presentations will be offered by a Student Wellness Center staff member to your organization, class or group at the requested time using CarmenZoom. Asynchronous presentations have been pre-recorded by a Student Wellness Center staff member and will be shared via Buckeye Box. You will have access to the recording for 2 weeks. Please read below to learn more about Fall 2020 presentation offerings and mode of delivery.

Asynchronous: Buck-I-CARE about Consent

Participants will learn about how to practice initiating and continuing consensual sexual experiences through defining consent, thinking about boundaries and learning how to communicate with CARE. This presentation will not only help participants learn more about consent, why they need it and how to practice it but can also make their intimate and sexual life better.

To complete the Buck-I-CARE about Consent requirement, watch the recorded training at After watching the video, follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete the attendance form and accompanying quiz. Please allow at least two weeks for Buck-I-CARE about Consent to be removed from your checklist. 

Please note: Starting Autumn 2016, all incoming first-year students are required to attend this introductory consent presentation.

Questions about Buck-I-CARE about Consent? Please email and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Synchronous: Buckeyes Got Your Back

This session aims to inform the campus about intervention approaches to prevent violence. Participants will learn techniques for intervening in varying levels of potentially harmful situations and learn the importance of intervening at all levels. Participants can take the intervention styles quiz which will help determine their most comfortable intervention style and practice using their most comfortable style. 

Take the BGYB Intervention Styles Quiz
While taking this quiz does not substitute the session, it can ge a great way to learn more about your own most comfortable intervention style(s) and give you a starting point for intervening.

 Asynchronous: Relationship Goals

Participants in this interactive 60-minute workshop will (1) discuss interpersonal skills for healthy relationships; (2) identify unhealthy and abusive behaviors in intimate relationships; and (3) understand civil dating skills in college.


Are you interested in a presentation or training that is not listed above? Please email with details of your request and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Please note that special presentation requests require a four week notice.

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