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Latex and Safer Sex

Through interactive activities, participants will be able to (1) define "safer sex" and provide examples of such behavior; (2) identify and explain the proper use of varius safer sex supplies (e.g., internal and external condoms, other barrier methods and lubricant); and (3) increase their knowledge regarding sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, testing and treatment.

Foundational Sexual Health Education 

Participants in this 90-minute workshop will (1) review basic sexual and reproductive health anatomy and the sexual response cycle; (2) identify contraceptive methods (to include hormonal and barrier methods); (3) review basic knowledge regarding sexually transmitted infections (STIs); and (4) discuss realistic sex expectations, including the influence of media, pornography and alcohol.

Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Participants in this interactive 60-minute workshop will (1) discuss gender norms and gender roles in society; (2) recognize gender stereotypes and bias; and (3) reflect on their own personal experiences and the connection to sexuality.

Healthy Relationship Skills 

Participants in this interactive 60-minute workshop will (1) discuss interpersonal skills for healthy relationships; (2) identify unhealthy and abusive behaviors in intimate relationships; and (3) understand civil dating skills in college.

Student Wellness Center Overview

This 30-minute session will provide an overview of all the services that the Student Wellness Center offers, and also ways that you can become involved in our efforts. This session is useful for student or staff groups who are looking to learn more about the Student Wellness Center.

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