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Wellness Ambassadors

What is a Wellness Ambassador?

Wellness Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the mission of Student Life, which aims to promote wellness among Ohio State students and their communities. As a Wellness Ambassador you will have the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of holistic wellness and how it applies to the college student population. Wellness Ambassadors serve to educate The Ohio State University student body on wellness resources, how to live healthy lifestyles and ways to achieve their goals through educational presentations and campus events.

How do I become a Wellness Ambassador?

Please visit our Become a Wellness Ambassador page for more information about recruitment, qualifications and training. If you have additional questions about the Wellness Ambassador program please email Wellness Coordinator Jordan Helcbergier at

Why Wellness Ambassadors?

As a Wellness Ambassador you will be able to:

  • Develop skills in program planning, facilitating and public speaking
  • Gain extensive knowledge on wellness related issues facing the college student population
  • Become part of a diverse team of nonjudgmental students dedicated to promoting wellness to peers
  • Connect with professional staff and become involved with campus-wide committees focusing on health, wellness and safety.

How can we work together?

If you are hosting an event on campus related to health and wellness, the Wellness Ambassadors want to collaborate! Wellness Ambassadors can provide resources and education as well as fun activities to accompany your event. Email Jordan Helcbergier at for more information on programming options.