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Group Wellness Coaching

Group Wellness Coaching is currently unavailable. Please check back in the fall semester!

Looking to work on your wellness but don't want to do it alone?

Join us for two coaching sessions in a group setting with individuals like you looking to move from surviving to thriving. Not only will you be able to learn more about the 10 Dimensions of Wellness and motivational interviewing skills, but you will also apply them and implement them into your day-to-day life.

What to Expect

  • A safe space to explore your strengths and create wellness goals that align with what matters to you
  • Education on Ohio State University's 10 Dimensions of Wellness model
  • Support and accountability from your wellness coaches and fellow peers
  • An opportunity to build community with other students focusing on their wellness

Group Wellness Coaching is a peer-led program that strives to create a culture of care by bringing students together in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment to engage in authentic and open conversation around wellness. Group Wellness Coaching uses the foundational components of strengths, wellness and goals to help students move toward thriving – both individually and together. This service is for any undergraduate students at The Ohio State University who are interested in learning more about promoting their own personal wellness in their life by connecting with peers in a supportive environment.

Joining Group Wellness Coaching means

  • Learning to use your strengths to effectively make meaningful and positive changes in your life
  • Having the willingness to show up and participate in the conversation
  • Helping to create a space where you can give and receive encouragement within your peer Group
  • Fostering a community that will support your goals and wellness


Email for more information. 

As a disclaimer: Group is not treatment nor should it take the place of seeking out counseling services for mental health concerns or diagnoses. Both coaching and counseling can be incredibly valuable for students. If you think you'd like to seek treatment for a mental health concern, please contact Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) at 614-292-5766, or explore their website at If you want support in navigating transitions in your life, are seeking a safe place to talk through challenges or want to focus on improving your college experience through focusing on wellness and strengths with peers, then Group could be a great fit for you!