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Please fill out the form below to request a presentation. Synchronous presentations will be offered by a Student Wellness Center staff member to your organization, class or group at the requested time using CarmenZoom. Asynchronous presentations have been pre-recorded by a Student Wellness Center staff member and will be shared via One Drive. You will have access to the recording for 2 weeks. Please read below to learn more about Fall 2021 presentation offerings and mode of delivery.


Asynchronous or Synchronous: Life's Tough, and So Are You! 

This interactive session will give students an overview of resilience and stress management, increase their awareness of their ability to handle challenges and help students identify ways to build their resilience now and in the future. 

Asynchronous: Living My Best Life: Thriving Socially in College 

This presentation provides students with a greater understanding of social wellness, and unique strategies and university resources to help live their best lives in college. It includes discussion on being your authentic self, cultivating trusting relationships and building help-seeking behaviors.

Asynchronous: Unplugged

A session on building healthy relationships and maintaining balance in a digital world during college. In this session we will define social wellness, identify strategies to help students thrive socially, discuss healthy boundaries to manage digital wellness, and share helpful resources to support continued development in these areas.

Are you interested in a presentation or training that is not listed above? Please email with details of your request and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Please note that special presentation requests require a four week notice.

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Please consult with your department head prior to scheduling a presentation (if applicable).

While every effort will be made to accommodate your request, presentation schedules depend upon the availability of the presenter. At least two weeks' notice is encouraged.