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For the autumn semester, Wellness Ambassador presentations will be pre-recorded on CarmenZoom. 

The Buzz on Booze

This presentation provides students with an educational overview of alcohol including blood alcohol content, defining a standard drink, alcohol poisoning and dispelling common myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol. 

The Blunt Truth

This presentation provides students with an educational overview of cannabis including current trends,information about legalization, as well as dispelling common myths about usage. Participants will also take a deeper look into how cannabis can impact holistic health and daily life.

From Dining Halls to Dining Out

This presentation provides students with the necessary information to navigate both on- and off-campus dining as well as the grocery store. Students will gain knowledge to create well-balanced meals, identify nurtitious snacks and address other topics like food preferences, portions, treats and more.

Let's Talk About Sex

This presentation provides students with a greater understanding of their bodies, sexually transmitted infections, as well as ways to reduce their sexual health risks. It will also provide an overview of sexual health preventive care and resources available at Ohio State and in the community.

Relationship Goals

This presentation provides students with an overview of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationship behaviors, as well as tools and skills to build healthy relationships.  The information is applicable to all types of relationships.

Life's Tough - So Are You! 

This presentation provides students with a greater understanding of resilience and stress management, increases their awareness of their ability to handle challenges, and helps students identify ways to build their resilience now and in the future.

Living My Best Life

This presentation provides students with a greater understanding of social wellness, and unique strategies and university resources to help live their best lives in college. It includes discussion on being your authentic self, cultivating trusting relationships and building help-seeking behaviors.


Are you interested in a presentation that is not listed above?

Please email with details of your request and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

Please note that special presentation requests require a four week notice.