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Due to the new University and State COVID-19 restrictions regarding events and gatherings, all presentations are cancelled for the remainder of Spring Semseter. At this time we are only accepting requests for Fall Semester 2020. 

Presentations are 1 hour, unless otherwise noted.

The Buzz on Booze

Students will learn the basics of alcohol including blood alcohol content, defining a standard drink, alcohol poisoning and dispelling common myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol. Students will then test their knowledge with an interactive quiz.

Party Smart

This interactive group discussion educates participants about Ohio and The Ohio State University alcohol laws and policies as well as what it means to be a "responsible drinker." Participants are introduced to various alcohol issues through real-life scenarios. The emphasis of this presentation is on education and dispelling common myths surrounding college students and alcohol. Learn more about the Party Smart Initiative.

Blunt Talk with Mary Jane

Shattering Myths and Reefining Knowledge - Students will learn the basics of cannabis including the history, current trends, safe consumtion and dispelling common myths about usage. Participants will also take a deeper look into how cannabis affects holistic health and daily life.

Latex and Safer Sex

Through this interactive presentation, participants will be able to (1) define "safer sex" and provide examples of such behavior; (2) identify and explain the proper use of varius safer sex supplies (e.g., internal and external condoms, other barrier methods and lubricant); and (3) increase their knowledge regarding sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, testing and treatment.

Life's Tough - So are You! 

This interactive session will give students an overview of resilience and stress management, increase their awareness of their ability to handle challenges, and help students identify ways to build their resilience now and in the future.

Unplugged: Finding Balance in a Digital World 

Technlogy is an integral part of our daily lives but excessive usage can affect our productivity and personal relationships. Through this presentation, students will learn about their personal digital wellness, techniques to avoid procrastination and easy technology changes that will benefit sleep schedules, productivity and personal interactions.

Healthy Eating and Active Living

After this session, students will be able to identify healthy food options to fuel their fitness goals and everyday life. This interactive presentation gives students basic nutrition and fitness guidelines while helping students find their motivation to move.

Healthy Eating on a College Budget 

This interactive session provides students with the necessary information to navigate both on and off campus dining as well as the grocery store. Students will gain knowledge to create well-balanced meals, identify nurtitious snacks and address other topics like food preferences, portions, treats and more.

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