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The Buzz on Booze

Students will learn the basics of alcohol including blood alcohol content, defining a standard drink, alcohol poisoning and dispelling common myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol. Students will then test their knowledge with an interactive quiz.

Party Smart

This interactive group discussion educates participants about Ohio and The Ohio State University alcohol laws and policies as well as what it means to be a "responsible drinker." Participants are introduced to various alcohol issues through real-life scenarios. The emphasis of this presentation is on education and dispelling common myths surrounding college students and alcohol. There must be a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 50 people for this presentation.  Learn more about the Party Smart Initiative.

The Deal on Drugs

This interactive discussion will educate participants on the myths and facts regarding marijuana, prescription drugs, and tobacco. Additionally, this session will highlight what the law states surrounding use of these drugs and the impact they may have on college students.

Right Bite on a College Campus

This interactive session provides students with ideas and resources for navigating campus dining options to create well-balanced meals, identify nutritious snacks, and address other topics like food preferences, portions, treats and more! This presentation is intended for students with dining plans. 

Body Image: Being Comfortable in Your 'Genes'

This discussion-based presentation addresses the many facets of body image, and how you can empower yourself and others towards positive body image.

Latex and Safer Sex

Through interactive activities, participants will be able to (1) define "safer sex" and provide examples of such behavior; (2) identify and explain the proper use of varius safer sex supplies (e.g., male and female condoms, other barrier methods and lubricant); and (3) increase their knowledge regarding sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, testing and treatment.

Life's Tough - So are You! - NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SPRING 2019

This interactive session will give students an overview of resilience and stress management, increase their awareness of their ability to handle challenges, and help students identify ways to build their resilience now and in the future.

You Snooze. You Don't Lose. 

Students will reflect on how they prioritize sleep in their lives and learn the importance of getting adequate sleep in college. Additionally, this session will present various sleep positive practices students can implement in their daily lives.

Marketing Yourself with a Great Resume

This presentation teaches participants how to effectively write a resume. Focuses on both content and format, putting special emphasis on how to communicate relevant experience and skills.

Student Wellness Center Overview

This 30 minute session will provide an overview of all the services that the Student Life Student Wellness Center offers, and also ways that you can become involved in our efforts. This session is useful for student or staff groups who are looking to learn more about the Student Life Student Wellness Center.

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